Winners of The Month

                                     March 22,23

                                Lake of The Ozarks                                               

First Place          John Taylor

Total Weight           5.77

Second Place            Mike Carter

Big Bass                    5.37

Total Weight           5.37

Third Place        Jim Brown

Total Weight            2.07

                                        April 19

                                 Smithville Lake


First Place       John Taylor

Big Bass                   5.08

Total Weight          8.11

Second Place        Wayman Browning

Total Weight                      2.74

Third Place        Louis Eason Jr.

Total Weight                2.53

May 24th


First Place      Charles Cadenhead Jr.

Total Weight     14.96

Second Place     Wayman Browning

Total Weight       9.69

Third Place       Mike Carter

Total Weight     9.19

Big Bass    4.05

                                        June 21st

                                     Truman Lake

First Place      Terry McReynolds

Total Weight       3.03

Big Bass               3.03

Second Place     Wayman Browning

Total Weight            2.63

Third Place         John Taylor

Total Weight          2.60


                                  Truman Lake


First Place     Wayman Browning

Total Weight          2.55

Big Bass                    2.55

First Place          Mike Carter

Total Weight            1.86

Third Place       Terry McReynolds

Total Weight              1.51

Stockton Lake


First Place               Ron Russell

Total Weight                8.74

Big Bass                          2.90

Second Place         Richard Johnson

Total Weight                      6.01

Third Place           Mike Carter

Total Weight                5.24

Truman Lake




First Place         Kevin Harris

Total Weight             3.59

Second Place           Jessie Gardner

Total Weight                     2.76

Big Bass                             2.76

Third Place           Herman Boyd

Total Weight                 2.70

Truman Lake

                                  9/13/14   9/14/14                                                           

First Place            Averrell Johnson

Total Weight                   8.35

Second Place           Willie Tallie Jr.

Total Weight                    7.30

Third Place            Richard Johnson

Total Weight                    5.14

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